Tuesday 1 May 2012

Ode to Happenings

Ode to Happenings
By Cheryl

It was late in the day when my wife made the call.
For an early morning party with no warning at all,
But Mike reassured her she was not alone
Though the store was now closing he stayed on the phone.

I laughed as I listened thought there is no way
Of planning a party this late in the day.
She hung up the phone and ordered me out,
Clean up that lawn she started to shout.

There’s a tent on the way and we’ve no time to spare,
We’re holding a party, let’s do it with care.
We raked and we tidied well into the night
When the lights of that Happenings truck came into sight.

Out climbed Mike and ordered his men about.
I did what I could though I still had my doubts.
I watched with amazement as that big tent went up.
They unloaded the dishes with matching tea cups.

There were tables and chairs, a dance floor and stage,
Ice buckets, linens and games for all age,
Wine glasses, a fountain; is there no end!?
My wife is real happy and now Mike’s my new friend.

Happy Birthday.