Wednesday 18 July 2012

Harvest Tables

Earlier in the year we had numerous questions, "Do you carry harvest tables?"

We had to turn them away, "Sorry, we don't carry those. We DO have the standard 8' table. They're 30" wide compared to the harvest tables' 42"." But the all wooden, stained finish tables of our customers dreams just couldn't be replaced by our in-stock tables.

We took the hint.

We checked out costs and availability of tables from a variety of outlets. Ran the numbers of what we hoped to have them priced to see if stocking them was feasible. The phone rang off the hook for these tables, we hastened our efforts. These tables were sure to be a hit of the summer.

We came to the conclusion that it was best for us to have them home made, built in-house. We hired a carpenter, ordered some white pine and began production.

After the early american stain and a semi-gloss finish, we were near completion. We priced and sized out legs to hold these sharp tables off the ground. A flat black folding leg held up our first prototype. We proudly displayed it in our showroom.

Customers came and went, naturally we asked them what they thought of our newest inventory addition. Many people liked the prototype, but felt it could be brought together as a whole with more appropriate legs. 

Again, we took the hint.

The thin folding legs did seem out of proportion to the bulky width and thickness of the table top. We swapped the legs for another home-made product. A thicker, stained wooden leg that could be secured to the table with a long bolt and nut on each leg. Success!

We are so happy to present the harvest tables. It's one thing to provide rentals to our customers and help them make their events memorable. Its a whole different ball game to provide rentals that our customers helped build.


Without further delay. The finished product:


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