Tuesday 24 April 2012

Creemore Home and Garden Show & First Big Tent

Busy, busy weekend. Good indicators of Summer being well on its way.

This weekend if you had explored the “Get Growing” Home and Garden Show in Creemore you may have found yourself bombarded with free popcorn from Happenings.

Amongst the tractors, trailers, solar panels, and temporary garden and landscaping booths, we stood sheltered under our 10’x10’ frame tent. We connected with other local business owners, discussing the show, economy and marketing strategies. We spoke with passerby’s, handed out our new inventory, price list brochures and pens baring our name and number.

The popcorn was a hit. Kids put out the fire at our fireman carnival game, while adults looked over (what we could fit in the booth of) our linen, table and accessory inventory. Collections were donated to the Tree Society of Creemore, a volunteer organization “committed to preserving and promoting beauty in [their] tree-lined streets”.

Thanks goes out to anyone who came out to visit.

During the show we also had a crew in Hillsdale for Geoshack, our first decent sized job of the year. The winds were tough and the ground was denser than diamond, though we still managed to raise a 30’x30’ Navi-Track Frame and four 10’x10’ frames. Props to the boys who spent their Sunday to 3-man-wield the gas pounder just to get the stakes to stand on their own.

Completed tent site.

Tent surroundings appeared to be some sort of  massive-ant city.

Some sort of gigantic ant party?


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