Thursday 12 April 2012

Look what came in the mail!

The CRA is a not-for-profit association that raises the standard for rental organizations in today’s market. They support community networking, leadership development, professionalism and integrity in the rental industry and its members.
The CRA Ontario offers many educational workshops and seminars, newsletters with up-to-date Ontario information and events that help promote useful products, practices and connections in the industry. Further, they provide tangible recognition for the most outstanding companies through their comparative feedback surveys and annual awards. Recipients can be proud of their yearly efforts and others can make goals to work towards.
We are proud to announce Canadian Rental Association (CRA)- Ontario has presented Happenings Party Rentals the Party and Special Events Image and Innovation Award for 2011. Awarded to the Party Rental store/organization that best exemplifies the highest standards of the Party Rental industry on the following criteria:
·         Attractive exterior and interior
·         Well maintained equipment
·         Innovative ideas
·         Excellent customer service
·         Good house keeping
2011 was a good year for us at Happenings, we can be sure of that after receiving this:

Truthfully, this was no cake walk. Hard work and overtime went into this merit.
Our warehouse underwent a massive reorganization during the early months of the year in order to optimize delivery loading. Even the most seasoned crew members found themselves needing directions to the new center pole home (Until they warmed up to it).
It was our greenest crew in years, trained them from scratch to be content with only the best. We committed to the new company logo and a fresh crew uniform to match. The boys are looking quite dapper now with their collared shirts.
New asphalt laid deeper into the parking lot shouted professionalism at our customers picking up their orders. A shed was added adjacent to the main building for more convenient storage.
            Brand new Kedar tents were added to the inventory. A 20’x 40’ and a 30’x60’. Their tops simply slide into and remain in the frame, always staying tight and sleek without lacing or tightening maintenance.
There was a score of unique jobs too, all requiring problem solving and some serious tent knowledge. Tents were slung high above trees, overhanging off 8 foot decks and perched on large rooftops; just to name a few. Locations ranged as far as Kincardine, Bracebridge and downtown, Toronto.  We really should have taken more pictures.
Always working to prevent the unavoidable was standard during all the new additions to our company.  Things like remembering the proper equipment, repairing it as soon as it fails, maintaining order and cleanliness, and always putting the customer first. Firming up these routines keeps everything about the company young.
We deserved this one. We worked hard last year, helped a lot of people, made significant improvements and are excited to see how far we can drive ourselves.
A big thank you for anyone who had a part in it all.

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